About us

Athens Gold Yachting - Luxury Yachts at dawn

Athens Gold Yachting is the result of year-long love for the sea. Founded by captains and experienced engineer with long careers in the yachting sector, Athens Gold Yachting suggests a supreme connection of yacht owners' efficiency with clients' ultimate needs.

Originating from Athens, the Greek naval centre, we expand around the Mediterranean; perhaps the ideal destination globally. Our competitive advantage derives from our vast experience in the area of East and West Mediterranean Sea, along with the supreme professionalism of our executives. This specialised combination of expertise guarantees a unique experience matching the top technical and safety standards worldwide. 

Athens Gold Yachting ensures to fulfill any need and challenges even the most demanding clients for an unforgettable yachting experience. 


Our unmatched knowledge of the Mediterranean sea and decades of experience on the finest yachts is our top asset. We focus on continuous optimisation of every aspect of our skills and we apply our combined knowledge to offer the best possible services.

Human Factor

We invest in long expertise, specialised skills and natural talent. All people that are part of the Athens Gold Yachting family share a great passion for yachts and a drive for service optimisation. Whether it is our Technical department, our Sales team or the Crew members, every single executive is carefully selected for their abilities, knowledge and dedication to our vision for excellence. 

Respect for Yacht Owners

A yacht is a life investment. We treat every single yacht we manage as a personal asset to ensure the safety and value for a lifetime. The trust of our partners is an essential key of Athens Gold Yachting.